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Villa Toscana, Fussen

The historic mansion is situated amongst a beautiful garden and in walking distance of the old town centre of Fuessen.

Medals Silver

Visited by Petrolheads Welcome


This hotel is in the centre of the town (the southern end of the Romantische Strasse [Romantic Route]), but feels like a remote retreat. The car park is on two levels, the main space being at the lower level. It’s a bit uneven and, in spring, the surrounding trees like to shed their blossom etc. on our cars… not perfect, but also not really a problem (just thought we should mention it… especially if you’re in an old drophead with a dodgy tonneau!).

Additional Details

  • 31
  • No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Tarmac, Loose surface, Uneven surface, View of parked car(s) from (some) rooms