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For Businesses

How can your business benefit from Petrolheads Welcome?

Owners and users of classic, prestige and sports cars are usually affluent, discerning and loyal to organisations that they have used.

By having a listing on Petrolheads Welcome, you are giving such customers confidence that their pride and joy will be looked after as well as you will look after their human needs.

Here are some of the features and benefits of working with Petrolheads Welcome:

Claiming Your Listing

Claiming your listing provides additional benefits:

  • Group 1: B&B/Self-Catering (up to 4 bedrooms) – see here
  • Group 2: Hotels (inc. B&B/S-C with more than 4 bedrooms) – see here
  • Attractions (e.g. Museums) – see here
  • All claimed businesses are rated at least Silver (see here for definitions)
  • Costs per annum (2022) = £25 for Group 1 and £50 for Group 2. We run a variety of discount scheme, please ask for details.
  • NB – Our proactive marketing/social media activity is focussed only on claimed businesses

For instructions on how to claim your listing, see here.

Getting the most from your Claimed Listing

Here are some tips for making your listing as attractive as possible to our members/users:

  1. Feature a nice car on your main home and search pages. The more exotic or unusual the car, the better in this context.
  2. Add a testimonial at the beginning of your listing description. Better still if it’s one from a Petrolheads Welcome member.
  3. Mention good driving roads near your property and add a photo if you can. Our members like to see sweeping bends with great vistas. Have you got one?
  4. Add details of fuel stations, car-based attractions, etc. If there’s a nearby attraction (such as a museum) that’s not listed on our site, tell us and we’ll add it. It will also then show on your listing page as another reason to visit you.
  5. Encourage your visitors to rate/comment on your listing. That might result in your venue to being upgraded to our Gold standard.
  6. Contact us to discuss what you can offer. We might have other ideas to help your business succeed through what we do… and we love chatting!

Unclaimed Listing

All our listing include these basic (limited) features:

  • Link to your business via Booking.com
  • Maximum of 2 photos for hotels, none for smaller properties
  • No video content
  • No response to comments by Members of the Petrolheads Welcome community (we only remove inappropriate or provably false content when we become aware of it)
  • Cost – £nil

Gold Rating

We rate all our hotel listings as Bronze, Silver or Gold (see definitions here). Having visited ourselves, we can recommend such venues with confidence.

Gold rated business appear at the top of geographical search results.

We commit to visit as many businesses as we are able to so that we can upgrade them to gold, provided they meet the required standard.

Please contact us for more information.

Sponsored Ad.

Sponsoring your listing will ensure that your business appears at the top of all searches on our site, regardless of the geographical area searched.

Please contact us for current prices and terms.

Marketing Campaigns

We have a number of marketing opportunities for businesses listed on Petrolheads Welcome:

  • Features in our newsletter to Members
  • Direct e-mailshot to Members
  • Car Tours to include your hotel/business in their schedule
  • Sponsorship of Petrolheads Welcome

We will customise each campaign according to your needs and budget.

Please note that we maintain a strict policy to ensure that we don’t over-solicit our valuable member database.