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About Us

Who are Petrolheads Welcome?

We are a bunch of dedicated sports, classic, prestige and supercar fans who like to plan trips out and holidays with our cars (you can read more about us here). Having had to cobble together information from various sources to do so, we thought why not create a site that provides all of this information in one place? Thus, Petrolheads Welcome was born.

We aim to bring together petrolheads and venues that really appreciate and support special cars. We’ll also suggest good places to visit, good driving roads and good places to stop en-route.

Petrolheads Welcome needs your help

  • If you find a venue that really appreciates nice cars, let us know
  • If you run a hotel or restaurant and you enjoy the company of petrolheads, maybe you are a petrolhead, let us know

We will publish ratings and views, but mainly about the car’s experience. This is not the site for rating hotels, other than how it was for your car. That makes us unique and, we hope, helpful to you in planning your trip or holiday with your beloved car.

If you have any suggestions to make Petrolheads Welcome even better, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you… and we love talking about nice cars!

Our Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings explained (here)