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Popham Airfield

The Spitfire Flying Club


Submitted by our members


Thanks to Petrolheads Welcome member, Sarah B. for recommending this venue. Her reason is below but we note it is open all year round if you just want to plane spot or use the cafe.  Sarah tells us:

“For most of the year Popham is a sleepy grass runway airfield serving local fliers although it was a popular landing point for WWII ace and Test Pilot extraordinaire Neville Duke. However, come the May Day holiday weekend it is transformed into the site of a popular and well attended aero/autojumble plus fly and drive in. In the best tradition of getting plenty to see the organisers don’t charge for entry for vehicle exhibitors. You do, however, have to be on site before the general public gates open and not slip away early. This is a small price to pay for being well situated on this large site to sample the vast array of cars, motorbikes, military and commercial vehicles, aeroplanes and microlites. Add to this a large “market” of car and aeroplane bits, books, models and ephemera. Many car clubs put on impressive displays and planes take off and land throughout the day. Food and drink is on hand. The entry from the roadway to the site is a little uneven and much of it unpaved. Parking on site is on level grass. This a great event run by true enthusiasts and one which supplies more than enough to do each year.”

Thanks Sarah!

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