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Ponderosa Cafe

Feel on top of the Clouds

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Visited and handpicked by Petrolheads Welcome.


Located at the summit of the Horseshoe Pass, this is a must-visit cafe for Petrolheads of all types. The roads and scenery are stunning.

The cafe’s car park is huge and so can easily cope with car clubs, bike clubs, coaches, etc.

The cafe also includes a gift shop and ice cream parlour.

We have been here on a few occasions to plan a route or recap a drive enjoyed. If you haven’t yet, add it to your to-do list… but check the weather forecast if you’re doing so in winter!

Additional Details

  • Good for club gatherings
  • Smooth, Level, No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Tarmac

1 Review for Ponderosa Cafe

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Great views and walks close by and very accessible

I only just found out if had reopened, albeit running a limited take-away menu while the large café is closed. So paid a visit on a very sunny Sunday 13 September 2020. The carpark was busy, but still places available, was mainly bikers (quite a variety of bikes) and as ever when I have been some other interesting cars to have a nosey at. Including one I had never seen before in the metal and something I had never even heard of. Everyone is friendly as most there are petrol heads of some description and treats it as a mini show to walk around and look what’s about. Enjoyed a coffee and a nice sausage bap for a fiver. I can’t talk about their other offerings. When I have visited before, pre-lockdown, I only ever had a coffee anyway. I approached from the north side of the pass with some nice roads and great views on the way there. I have found the road away from Ponderosa, heading south then east, isn’t quite as much fun. Some sections are quite potholed and jarring in a low car with firm suspension, before ending up in small towns. So I headed back north and then east to get back home through the countryside. There are some long stretches of average 50mph cameras in the area (certainly north on the A5104). Even though is signed, just a warning as it could easily be a 60 road.

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