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Ferrari Factory Tour

Feel The Dream


Recommended by Petrolheads Welcome members


We would like to thank Petrolheads Welcome member, Sara B. for reminding us about the Ferrari Factory Tour. This is what she told us:

“For anyone with a passion for cars a trip to the Ferrari factory is a must. OK so you either need to own a Ferrari, have a mate who does, be a member of the Prancing Horse Register or a club that can get access so chances are limited but given that chance grab it with both hands. The place is magical from the moment you walk through that famous gate to the point when they give you back your camera or phone. For this is truly a car factory and not just an assembly plant. They still cast their engine blocks in sand on site and real people still do much of the work. Not very well hidden behind almost closed doors can be seen the latest F1 cars ready to be taken to the track. Although strict about no photography the Italians are a bit more laid back about where you can wander and how long you want to look at something than some other marques.”

If you aren’t lucky enough to have access to the full tour, the Ferrari Museum offers a bus tour of the site but you are not allowed off the bus.

Only very special guests get to park in the factory grounds but there is level parking across the road in the larger complex or at the museum which is a short walk away.

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