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Win – Shop – Drive? – Chat

Our response to being forced to avoid our cars, at least for pleasure purposes, is to do these Petrolhead-related activities…

…until we’re allowed out again!


1. WIN: We have a genuine Le Mans ’66 cinema poster to give away.

Details below. (NB – The prize was won by Sara B. of Wiltshire in Oct. 2020)

2. SHOP: You can start your Christmas shopping early or treat yourself… or both!

Details below.

3. DRIVE? OK, there was no Drive-It Day this year, but slowly and surely a little more road driving is being allowed 😊 .

See below.

4. CHAT: This costs nothing and is worth a fortune…


We’re giving away this terrific original 40″ x 30″ film poster for Le Mans ’66.

NB – The prize draw closed in Oct 2020 and the poster was won by Sara B. of Wiltshire (see newsletter dated 16/10/20)

  1. Rate any of the venues on our site that you’re familiar with
  2. Recommend any venue that’s not currently on our site and for which we subsequently publish a listing page
  3. Provide a comment on any of our blogs or listed venues

Each time you do any of the above, you’ll be entered into the draw. The more you do, the more entries you’ll have.

Our usual T&Cs apply. The closing date for entries will be when government travel restrictions are lifted. Let’s hope that’s sooner rather than later, eh? – The prize draw ended in Oct 2020.


Almost hidden amongst the plethora of Petrolhead stuff in this photo is Rick Cullen, owner of Pit-Lane Motorsport.

If you e-mail Rick he will send you a voucher for a massive 20% discount on his entire range!

He’ll also ask you to review your purchase on his website… fair enough, eh?

This great deal is only for members of Petrolheads Welcome.

Fill your boots…


OK, so there was no proper Drive-It Day this year, although there are still plenty of on-line car events.

You can also still upload photographs of your model or toy cars to our blog page.

See here.


Perhaps we’ve saved the most important until last.

The Petrolhead community is massively supportive, as witnessed by the enormous crowds at car events and breakfast meets (remember the good old days… 2019?). We also routinely stop to help when we see a broken down classic car, or just chat with a total stranger who’s pulled up in old, unusual or otherwise notable vehicle.

We now need to continue that spirit by telephoning, Skyping, WhatsApping, Facetiming (you get my drift), anyone we know who would appreciate it. Even though we can’t point at their engine bay whilst sharing a cuppa, we can do most of it remotely… reminiscing about events gone by; asking about plans for when this sorry business is all over; seeking advice for your stuck project that you’re now about to re-start, etc. Let’s face it, we have plenty to talk about… and you might just make someone’s day.

We look forward to one day continuing those conversations face-to-face.

All of the above are intended to alleviate some of the negative aspects of our collective response to government guidelines to help avert disaster, such as isolation. We hope that the spirit of what we’re doing will be seen as supportive. We in no way wish to appear less than serious.

Feel free to contact us if you have any thoughts or suggestions. We’ll be glad to hear from you. We love talking cars!

Stay safe everyone.