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The Petrolheads

The Petrolheads at Petrolheads Welcome

The founders of Petrolheads Welcome can usually be found (like what we did there?) at car events or in/under one of our cars. We’re all serious Petrolheads and have been feeding this addiction for, ummm, about 250 years between us. Not that any of us are that old.



Let’s start with Andrew (Managing Director):

He’s a Bond fan and ex-motorcycle instructor. Naturally, his marque of choice is Aston Martin (with or without ‘special equipment’ by Q). Andrew is very active in a world-wide classic car club and has a basic grasp of fettling. That stretches to removing gearboxes and re-building motorbikes, but not to painting, trimming or serious engineering, etc. He likes to put miles on cars on continental tours and car events around the UK. His biker mileage tends to be only local these days!

Jan (Finance Director and Company Secretary)

Jan is a very good navigator. She’s the type that revels in maps, coloured labels and synchronised timing clocks. Her skills are very useful when touring, but they come into their own when she’s rallying across Europe. Jan worked in the motor trade before embarking on her current role. She’s also a dab-hand at craft working, including making leather goods to match cars (watch this space)!

James (IT Director)

Our techie is a big fan of light, fast and noisy sports cars. He’s also active in car clubs, tours and general petrolhead stuff. That said, his new status as a father requires new thinking in terms of his petrolhead fun time (like how to get three people into a two-seater, hmmm).

Paul (Commercial & Strategy Director)

Paul’s list of petrolhead commitments and achievements is too long to list here (but he’s very engaging if you catch him for a chat). From pre-war classics to the latest supercars, Paul’s driven them all, often in competition, in the Alps, in snow… you get the picture. His experience in business includes restructuring and automating supply chains and helping the growth of small businesses (like this one).

Gillian (Research Director)

Gillian loves being a passenger in fast cars, no matter how fast the car’s going. She doesn’t mind people knowing that she can’t ride a pedal bike, which makes her a brilliant motorcycle pillion passenger. Her background is in procurement and marketing with a good splash of legal experience. Gillian is a massive fan of MotoGP™ and so can often be found spotting the stars in the paddock.

We share a bunch of machinery (all are exercised regularly):

  • Aston Martin (1969 – 2018)
  • Austin (1964)
  • Bentley (1928)
  • BMW (2015)
  • Ferrari (2016)
  • Jaguar (1966)
  • Honda (1975)
  • Lotus (1961 – 2015)
  • MG (1956)
  • Morris (1964)
  • Porsche (2017)
  • Skoda (2012)
  • Triumph (1961)