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Windsworth Old Coach House

A really comfortable offgrid stone longhouse – self-catering – in a secluded spot on the south Cornish coast; about an hour from M5 abeam Exeter.

Medals Bronze

A member of the Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK (PASC UK)


How about trying something ‘off grid’ for a change?  Owner Caroline used to be the owner of a Triumph Stag and says she would love to see other classic cars (and their humans) arriving at her property.  This is what she tells us:

“This unforgettable experience will appeal to you if you’re a free spirit who’ll enjoy spending some time in a stunningly beautiful location within a private nature reserve on the coast.

We have half a mile of private foreshore, accessible to those who are fit and have a head for heights.

Come and find out how satisfactory it is to live comfortably, yet independent of the mainstream energy companies!”

Caroline has also given us this detail about the access to the property:

“The last 1.5 miles of the approach route are narrow, twisting Cornish lanes with high banks and passing places.

Once through our main gate there is a gravel drive with a grassy centreline running down the steep and bendy 100-yard hill to the coach house. Most of its route is well compacted gravel, but in one or two places there is loose gravel and the grass forms a bit of a ridge in the middle. Easily passable by any normal car.

Some of the parking area is overhung by Monterey pine trees, but there’s parking space under the sky as well.

From the parking area to the house is a 50-foot, near-level walk.

Privacy: the coach house is within our private and unadvertised 70-acre holding, and the parking area is visible only from the air.”

As they say, ‘forewarned is forearmed’.

Thanks Caroline!

If you been to this venue and traversed the approach in a low-slung car, we’d love to know how you got on, thank you.


Q What about Covid-19?


1. if government policy still allows you to visit Windsworth on the dates booked, fine.

2. but if your visit here were to be banned, then I'd offer you the option of

* either postponing your visit here to dates of your choice (as long as the house is available), and I would adjust the price accordingly. (NB if it were for April 2021 onwards, I'd retain the 2020 prices for you.)

* or a full and immediate refund of all money paid to me.

Re option 1: we'll keep the house empty for more than 48 hours before your arrival, and during that time we'll be deep-down cleaning to Covid-19 recommendations. As I'm over 70 and asthmatic, and my cleaner's husband is highly vulnerable, you can be sure that this will be OTT!

Q What’s special for me and my vehicle?

In our spectacularly steep, narrow, winding lanes, and along our quiet B roads you can recreate the joys of motoring 100 years ago. And in August (not 2020, sadly) there's the positively splendiferous Mount Edgcumbe Classic Car Rally.

Q What about the neighbourhood?

We live in a very rural area and we're connected by the south west coast path to the fishing village of Looe, 3 miles away, and in the other direction to the dog-friendly beach of Seaton.

Q What does 'off-grid' mean?

There’s no mains electricity, or gas. Yet the house has lighting and heating and loads of hot water. The kitchen has a fridge/freezer, a large range cooker with hob and oven, and a gas hob. It’s amazingly easy to live really comfortably!

Why go off-grid? Two main reasons: first, it's really good to know it's easy to live comfortably, yet independently of the big energy companies. And second, this is one of the rare places in the UK that's virtually free of electrosmog (though the house is in range of some mobile phone signals, and there is a very faint wifi signal. Many visitors have commented on the wonderful feeling of calm and peace in the house.

How? The electricity is 12V DC, and the lighting comes from solar pv panels and a big battery bank; the lights work just like normal ones.) The hot water for sink, washbasins and showers comes from solar tubes and the woodburner range (and firewood's included in the price, of course).

Q How do we get to your beach?

You need to be pretty fit and have a head for heights. The beach is 300 feet below the house, down a very steep path through woodlands, and finally down a shellet scree with a fat knotted rope to hang onto. Dogs can run up and down it, no worries, but most humans like to have something to cling onto.

Q What else can we do at Windsworth?

Spend time exploring our 70 acres of our rewilded holding. We have primitive breeds of sheep plus goats and some ponies, and an astonishing range of wildlife here, ranging from slowworms to badgers, with rare butterflies and endangered species of birds.

Q How can I find out more and/or book?

Go to Windsworth.org.uk for full information and the booking procedure. NB we like to have direct contact with you before you commit to a booking so that we can all be sure you’ll be happy here.

Q What are the vehicles pictured in this listing?

Some of my previous exosuits - a signal red Triumph Stag, a lurid lime-green-and-muddy-rust Land Rover LWB Estate Wagon, a Thruster (the ozzie equivalent to a minimoke) - and my current one, a 2006 Nissan Micra 2+2 Sport.

Additional Details

  • Private dining room
  • Hose pipe available, Bucket/water available, OK to clean cars in car park
  • 2 or 3 (in the main house there’s a double room plus a family room with 2 doubles), then there’s an optional double room in a studio flat (not let separately)
  • Smooth, Level, No speedbumps, View of parked car(s) from (some) rooms