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The Vicarage B&B, Harrogate Claimed

A tranquil escape from the everyday – owned by petrol heads

Medals Silver

Member of the B&B Association


Owned by self confessed petrolheads Robin & Eileen. They tell us:

“We are located on a quiet country road north of Harrogate just 20 minutes from the A1. The 3 guest rooms are in a converted barn next to main house. You have your own front door and parking space. You can see your car from your room and only guests and B&B owners use the carpark.”

Apparently there are three routes in but if you contact them they will be happy to advise on the best route for your pride & joy.

Finally, if you need any proof of their ‘petrolhead’ credentials here’s a little bio they provided!

“We have been petrolheads (never ever diesel) for years though that does not extend to tinkering with cars. Currently we both drive wolves in sheep’s clothing racing away at 0-60 in 6.0 (Robin’s wheels) while Eileen leaves him for dust at 5.0. Over the years we’ve had myriad of vehicles. Eileen’s first was a cute black Fiat Panda in 1983 – ideal for moving house and an impressive speeding ticket for over 90 mph on a long hill once. She should have bought a 1959 Skoda Felicia Roadster (do you know how cute they are?) when she lived in Germany, but might just do that one day yet. Robin once paid 100 francs for a Citroen Traction Avant (0-60 in 27 seconds !) which served him well for a year in Paris many moons ago, but later paled into insignificance versus his beloved ivory MGB.

So what we are saying is that we love cars, love looking at them and can talk about them all day long.  Petrolheads are always welcome here.”

Hear hear to that, we say!

Additional Details

  • Club discounts or offers
  • Hose pipe available, Bucket/water available, OK to clean cars in car park
  • 3
  • Gated car park
  • No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Loose surface, View of parked car(s) from (some) rooms