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Sunnyside Guest House

Beautiful Victorian guest house in the heart of Keswick with its own car park

Medals Bronze

Submitted by the business owners.


This B&B in Keswick was submitted by owner, Paul. This is what he tells us:

“We offer excellent accommodation with parking and close to the centre of Keswick.  We have 7 high quality rooms lovely breakfast, large guest lounge with free tea and coffee throughout the day. 

Sunnyside Guest House is on a residential street within Keswick.  The street does have parking on both sides of the road which can mean that entering and exiting the car park can be tight – best to reverse out.  There are 5 marked parking spaces but can accommodate more if guests block each other’s vehicles.”

They can also accept a ‘whole house’ booking if you are considering a car club tour.

We have checked and the location can be busy with parked cars, such that it may sometimes be easier to reverse out of their car park.

If you have a particularly long/wide vehicle (we’re thinking here especially of our American muscle car friends), it may be wise to check with the owners before booking. That said, we have found them to be very accommodating (pardon the pun) and understanding of Petrolheads’ needs.

Please tell us how you get on.

Additional Details

  • Hose pipe available, Bucket/water available, OK to clean cars in car park
  • 7
  • Gated car park
  • Smooth, Level, No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Loose surface, Marked spaces, View of parked car(s) from (some) rooms