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Relais San Lorenzo, Bergamo

Imagined and designed by renowned architect Adolfo Natalini

Medals Silver

Visited by Petrolheads Welcome


We visited this hotel during our stay elsewhere in Bergamo, specifically to have a look at their garage. We weren’t disappointed.

There is a large car lift that descends to two cellar floors of parking so that there are enough spaces for all of the hotel’s 30 rooms. Whilst they undertake valet parking, they are happy for guests to accompany them if necessary. The staff have experience of parking sports and classic cars (and, as they called them, ‘ancient’ [pre-war] cars). It is easy to visit the cars in the garage after they have been parked.

The garages themselves are mainly individual bays with plenty of space for modern giant 4x4s, etc. Vans and larger vehicles are parked in the hotel’s nearby commercial parking (that’s probably something that most of Petrolheads Welcome members will be least interested in).

We understand that there is a daily fee for parking, so that’s worth checking out before booking.

The hotel inside is a stunning architectural feature with exposed walls evoking ancient Roman ruins in the dining area. There is also a patio that overlooks the new city below and the (rather inviting) mountains in the distance.

Additional Details

  • 30
  • CCTV, Gated car park
  • Underground car park
  • Smooth, Level, No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Marked spaces, Covered parking