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Reims-Geux GP Circuit Pit Lane & Grandstand

The old, partially-restored, Reims-Geux GP Circuit pit lane & grandstand

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Recommended by a reader and visited and by Petrolheads Welcome.


Petrolheads Welcome member, Spiderman, recommends this venue. Here’s what he has to say:

“If you were around in the 60’s and read of the exploits of Formula One drivers you will be reliving those days when you stand among these structures. Volunteers have made good progress in restoring the pit complex but the grandstands are not accessible.
Very atmospheric and a worthwhile project.”

Thanks Spiderman

Having been there a few times, the Petrolheads Welcome team agree with Spiderman.

It’s a popular stop off for many car clubs wanting an atmospheric photo. Tip: if you’re in a classic car (or on a classic bike), a monochrome shot adds to the atmosphere, provided of course there are no modern vehicles in your shot.

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    4 Reviews for Reims-Geux GP Circuit Pit Lane & Grandstand

    M100TWO 1 Reviews
    Not to stop anymore.

    You will get fined if you stop you can only drive past this has just come about you have been warned. No more photo opportunities. John

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    Atmosphere in abundance

    Every time we’ve been to the Reims circuit we’ve found a new treasure. The restoration team have done (and continue to do) a brilliant job at bringing this old relic back to life. There is plenty to explore and they provide information booklets to tell you about the history and the work they’re doing (in English as well as other languages). It’s a really busy main road – I wonder if the locals laugh at us tourists pulling up for a photo opp – but time it right and you can lose yourself in this ghostly place to soak up the history and get some great photos.

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    Boltitude 22 Reviews
    Drive the circuit as well

    While the pits and grandstands are a great place to visit any fan of 50’s and 60’s GPs (after all Britain’s first World Champion Mike Hawthorn won his first GP here after a titanic tussle with Fangio) it’s well worth driving the rest of the circuit. This is primarily a triangle (with a dog-leg) on the D27, D26 and N31. A good surface and clear views only the roundabouts spoil the illusion.

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    dwell 5 Reviews
    A trip back to bygone days

    Wonderfully atmospheric and a must for any petrolhead in the area. Wander through thr deserted pits and climb into the control tower and grandstand and look out on a road once full of Moss and his contempories. Very far from modern circuits with catch fencing etc. A picture of the car in front of the pits and a roar past is of course compulsory! Dave (via iPad)

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