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RAF Museum Cosford

Get Ready For Take off!


Recommended by our readers, researched by us.


Suggested by Petrolhead member, Sara B. This is what she says:

“OK so there are not many cars here. A mini, a beetle, a wartburg and a few armoured carriers, but working on the principal if you like cars you probably like just about anything with an engine, this is a great museum to visit. It does have vast parking areas and I know that at least one of my car clubs has successfully held an event here.

Cosford is part of the RAF Museum family but has a different feel to Hendon. They have an example of each of the three V bombers. It has a Lincoln rather than a Lancaster, more WW2 German aircraft to compare with Allied aircraft and one of the TSR2’s. The age old story of one set of young men killing another set of young men is well and often poignantly told. There are a couple of good eateries, plenty of picnic areas if you prefer and a well informed staff keen to impart their knowledge. While the museum is free a parking charge may be made.”

Thanks Sara!

Additional Details

  • Good for club gatherings
  • Smooth, Level, No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Tarmac, Marked spaces