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QSCarClub (aka Queen Square Breakfast Club)

Bristol’s biggest and best all inclusive breakfast meet


Visited and handpicked by Petrolheads Welcome.


Some of the Petrolheads Welcome team have been to more than one QS Car Club meeting and can recommend them. See our blog here.

Here’s what founder Dan tells us:

“Held in some fabulous and iconic locations in and around Bristol, we welcome all kinds of transportation.  From a Sinclar C5 to a 13 litre Daf truck, from your very first Ford Fiesta to a Bugatti Veyron.  We’ve had it all.  Bring what you’re proud of and show it off while having a coffee and meeting old and new friends.”

Please note:

  • Some of the stately home venues are a little off the track, but still close to Bristol.
  • The in-town venues do sometimes have speed bumps.
  • Some months are pre-book only, check website for details.

Additional Details

  • Good for club gatherings
  • OK to clean cars in car park