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Lotus Driving Academy

Scare yourself sensible!

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Visited and handpicked by Petrolheads Welcome.


Our IT Director is a big Lotus fan… that’s a big fan of Lotus, as they don’t make big cars!

He recommends this performance driving school very highly. It’s based at the factory from where you can also arrange a factory tour.

Additional Details

  • Good for club gatherings
  • No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Tarmac

1 Review for Lotus Driving Academy

Drive the nuts off someone else's car!

We drove ourselves sensible around the Lotus circuit a while back. What a fabulous time! When you’re on a normal track day and you have to drive your car home, you always hold something back; but when Lotus give you one of their cars and you can red line it all day, well …. what’s not to like! The “scare yourself” bit is really “a real driver showing you how it’s done”. You spend the day thinking you’re doing really well, driving the nuts off the car, taking it to it’s limit (which is really your limit), and having a whale of a time. Then the real driver gets behind the wheel and you realise the limit is WAY beyond anything you achieved. But that said, the instructors are great, you get plenty of time in the car, and it really is a fun (and pretty good value) thing to do for anyone who loves driving.

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