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La Maison des Pilotes du Mans (Apartment)

Overlooking the famous Hotel De France!

Medals Bronze

Submitted by the business owners.


As you know we usually only list venues with safe parking but when owner and petrolhead Frank contacted us about their apartment overlooking the iconic Hotel De France we felt we had to make an exception.  Just look at the view from the window! This is what he had to say:

“I am a 34 year annual visitor to Le Mans and have been on the waiting list for a room at the Hotel de France for years, but the waiting list is very long for race events.

To solve the problem, my wife and I bought and renovated an apartment in the “Cheval Blanc” building right opposite the HdF and started renting it for race events. It has a famous history too, as the venue for many Aston Martin team parties in the 1950’s.

If your members want to mingle and meet with the drivers and other endurance racing personalities staying at the HdeF during race weeks without the wait for a room (or at any other time), then you can book with us now!”

To put our minds at rest over the parking he also pointed out that very valuable cars are often parked in the square and the locals do keep an eye on the cars. After all, Petrolhead visitors help their economy. Finally, the hotel has a 24H reception and keeps a close eye on the cars parked in the square.

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