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Gite du Circuit, Spa-Francorchamps

15 minutes walk from the circuit of Francorchamps

Medals Silver

Recommended by our readers, researched by us.


Recommended by our friends from Bonnes Route Gite.  This is what they told us:

“We’ve stayed here three times (last time in 2017). It’s just up the road from the circuit – you literally can’t stay any closer. You have to book early for big events but it’s a really nice quality place owned by a young family. The off-road parking is ample for three cars, and there are three bedrooms so it’s great for a group of friends. It’s in a really quiet hamlet and even though it’s literally a couple of minutes drive from the circuit you don’t get any circuit traffic going by so it’s a really safe place. The family aren’t Petrolheads themselves but (as with most people around Spa) are always appreciative and welcoming to car nuts. So while there aren’t any special car facilities it’s safe, good quality and in a great convenient location. And the pricing is excellent!!! We’d highly recommend it for anyone going to an event at Spa.”

Thanks Steph!

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  • Level, No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Loose surface