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Fletcher Hotel, Doorwerth

If you want to get away from it all, this Fletcher hotel in Doorwerth is the ideal base for relaxation and pleasure.

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Visited by Petrolheads Welcome


The Fletcher Hotel Doorwerth is situated in a quiet residential area close to Oosterbeek and Arnhem. The hotel is surrounded by trees and is popular with people who like swimming and gentle touring on pushbikes. More importantly (for us), it has a large, level, tarmac car park with no speed bumps.

The hotel often reserves the farthest part of the car park for groups (such as entertainers bringing in band equipment). However, we were assured that owners of cherished cars can contact the hotel in advance to request use of this area. This would also apply to car clubs/tours, etc.

One thing to be wary of… if parking near the hotel’s main entrance on the left, you may find your car having an unexpected early morning car wash from the garden sprinkler system outside the fence (see below)!

Additional Details

  • 120
  • Smooth, Level, No speedbumps, Suitable for low cars, Tarmac, Marked spaces, View of parked car(s) from (some) rooms