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Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport Museum houses the largest publicly owned collection of British vehicles in the world


Visited and hand picked by Petrolheads Welcome.


We’ve been there and think it’s great (but see the footnote). Here’s what their website says:

Get within touching distance of some of the most amazing vehicles ever invented. See the cars your parents and grandparents drove or explore what you might be driving in the future. Get caught up in the real-life stories of Coventry’s innovators and entrepreneurs. Coventry Transport Museum isn’t just for transport enthusiasts: it’s for storytellers and escapists; speed freaks and thrill seekers; history buffs and culture vultures. It offers a uniquely human perspective on the city’s motoring heritage, and is one of the Midlands’ best days out.

Footnote: Parking for this venue is in the nearby public car park, so not ideal for precious metal. The venue sometimes allows parking outside (as shown in the main image above), but that may be for events. It’s worth calling to check before you arrive rather than find yourself having to park next to a family Eurobox!

You can find the FBHVC’s directory of Motor Museums HERE.

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