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—————————————————————————————–Who is Petrolheads Welcome for?


Anyone who loves cars and other automotive activity can use Petrolheads Welcome to find hotels, pubs, attractions, etc. that can almost guarantee a safe place for your cherished vehicle for a trip out or a European tour.

If you’re a business owner who wants to attract Petrolheads (and why wouldn’t you?) we can share what you offer with our Members and the website’s casual visitors. You can read more about our business offering here.

You can read here more about we petrolheads who set up Petrolheads Welcome.

What’s the catch?

We don’t believe there is a catch. We simply want to make it easier for people like us (like you) who want to enjoy their precious metal without having to worry about where it’s parked.

We seek commission from hotels that have bookings made through our site (and we offer a fee-paid alternative). There is no cost to non-business users of the site.

Why should I join?

By joining Petrolheads Welcome you will be able to recommend venues that you think should be on our website. You can also comment on any venues on the site.

As a new member, you are automatically entered into our monthly prize draw (unless you opt out).

You are also entered into the prize draw each time you recommend a venue that we subsequently publish and each time you rate and/or comment on a listing on our website.

You can read the terms & conditions of our monthly prize draw here.